Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kade's tale

GLIDECYCLE – Case Study – CROSS COUNTRY RUNNER October 7, 2008

Kade is 16 year old male athlete. Last season he played for Central Point area high school soccer team. This season he chose to run cross country. He started out running on the Junior Varsity team. As the season was about to start in August, he suddenly experienced pain in his right knee. He checked with his doctor who referred him to the Providence Hospital Physical Therapy Group to treat an inflamed I.T. Band. The prescribed therapy called for three sessions a week for six weeks. He was told by the doctors that he should stop running until his injury healed.
On September 2nd, Kade met with representatives from GlideCycle, being recommended by his Cross Country Coach as a candidate for trying the GlideCycle because of his injury. Kade was taught how to run and train using the GlideCycle and went for his first, “orientation” run of approximately five miles. After the run Kade reported no pain in his injured knee. He reiterated that his knee hurt when he normally ran. Although he was instructed by his doctor not to run, he felt comfortable using the GlideCycle.

Kade continued to run using the GlideCycle faithfully and exclusively for cross country training for the next three weeks. He continued to report that running on the GlideCycle did not cause any pain in his knee. He participated every day in both morning and afternoon practices, running the long training distances alongside his team mates, but using the GlideCycle. While doing so he continued to attend his weekly physical therapy sessions.

Four weeks into this physical therapy (fourth week of September), Kade reported to his therapist that his knee was feeling better. Upon examination, they decided to forgo the last two weeks of his prescribed therapy. He begin normal running practice without the GlideCycle, but continued training on the GlideCycle on his own.

On Sept 30th Kade ran in a cross country meet with four schools participating and came in 2nd place overall , achieving a PR (personal record time). Because of this stellar performance, Kade now has been moved up to the 5th place team runner on the Varsity Cross Country Team.
Kade ascribes his ability to work himself into competitive condition, while being injured and otherwise sidelined, to the GlideCycle. He particularly enjoyed being able to continue training with his teammates during their practices.

It should be noted that Kade's team is very competitive being last year's state champions. His team is nationally ranked, undefeated this year, and looking to recapture the state championship for 2009.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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